Top 10 Smartphone Apps to Help You Be Green

As Earth Day quickly approaches, everyone is looking for tips on how they can be a little greener for the environment while leaving more green in their wallet.

Luckily, a plethora of tips on how to stay green, save gas and conserve energy are only a click away on your smartphone or tablet. Here are 10 apps to check out to help you be green this Earth Day:

Automobile Green: Interested in finding an environmentally-friendly car? This app provides auto news, reviews and links to blogs on the growing green car scene.

Carbon 3R-Sustainable Lifestyle: Provides information on simple practices and principles to raise sustainability awareness. Also includes a green news feed.

Environmental Educator: Offers a new environmental topic each week and short videos daily.

Environment Quiz: Want to help your children learn about sustainability? This quiz app includes questions on the environment, recycling, animals and more.

Green Calculator: Ever wonder how much CO2 is produced by your drive to work? Or how much energy your household appliances consume? This app will help you calculate your personal CO2 emission footprint.

Green Dictionary: So what exactly is a carbon footprint? And what does someone mean when they talk about a smart grid? This app provides easy-to-understand definitions for hundreds of green/sustainability terms.

Light Bulb Finder: Want to make the switch to more energy-efficient lighting in your home, but unsure what to choose? Light Bulb Finder allows you to input information and then makes recommendations for your home, room by room.

My Planet: This app will show you how the choices you make every day can impact the environment. Also includes quizzes and helpful tips.

My Recycle List: Have an old TV, but unsure how to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way? My Recycle List can help, providing local contacts to recycle anything from plastic to paper to motor oil.

VZ Navigator®: Need the quickest route to your destination or looking to save gas by avoiding a traffic jam? Check out VZ Navigator. This app relies on the most intelligent mobile GPS navigation available to help you get where you need to be quickly.

These are just a few of the many smartphone apps available to help you stay green this Earth Day. Which is your favorite?