Calling All Verizon Wireless Android Customers: Learn How to Take, Edit and Share Photos and Videos with Ease

Need to edit a photo or video right from your Android™-powered smartphone or tablet, but don’t know how? Don’t worry – Verizon Wireless is here to show you the way.

A new Wireless Workshop, “Android: Photos & Videos,” is now available online for Verizon Wireless customers looking to maximize the photo and video capabilities of their Android devices. This online Wireless Workshop provides the in-depth knowledge customers need to zip through the actions with ease. The online workshop is 60 minutes long and can be completed from the comfort of your home or office.

During the “Android: Photos & Videos” workshop, customers will learn:

  • Basic photo and video functionality available on Android-powered smartphones or tablets
  • How to take, edit and share photos and videos
  • How to print photos directly from devices
  • How to transfer media
  • Top photo and video applications to consider

Verizon Wireless’ lineup of online and in-store Wireless Workshops is routinely updated and expanded to include the newest devices such as the Lucid™ by LG as well as how to utilize features such as Google Docs™ on Android. With the availability of online Wireless Workshops, customers can find a workshop that fits their needs and schedules.

To learn more about this and other Verizon Wireless Workshops, visit For those on social media, follow @VZWnews on Twitter™ for the latest Verizon Wireless news.