4G LTE Goes Live in Rural America

Hats off to Cellcom and Pioneer Cellular on the recent launch of their 4G LTE networks.  The two companies are the first of the 17 participants in the Verizon LTE in Rural America program to introduce fourth generation mobile broadband services for their customers.  Now Cellcom customers in northern Wisconsin and Pioneer customers in northwestern Oklahoma can enjoy high-speed wireless data services at home and wherever they travel on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

Cellcom and Pioneer Cellular were among the first companies to join the LTE in Rural America program which began in 2010 to accelerate the rollout and adoption of 4G LTE services in rural areas. 

Program participants lease spectrum from Verizon Wireless and build their own networks which connect to Verizon Wireless’ core network, enabling them to offer 4G LTE services to their customers more quickly and more economically than might otherwise possible.  A dedicated team of Verizon Wireless technology experts works directly with the rural carriers as they develop and deploy their networks.  Current participants include existing CDMA carriers, rural telephone companies and wireless internet service providers and, to date, leases cover more than 2.7 million people in 14 states. 

Six additional carriers in the LTE in Rural America program are expected to launch their networks later in 2012, followed by at least nine additional launches in 2013.