Apps for New Grads Managing Finances

College graduates have one final lesson to learn before entering the real world: managing your finances can be tough. The time between graduation and finding or starting a first job is a crash course in managing time and balancing a budget.

Just like they relied on their smartphones to help with studies, there are dozens of apps available to help ease the adjustment process and get organized.  Here are a few of the many available.

  • – This app can link all of your financial accounts, allowing you to view your complete financial picture, while simultaneously updating and categorizing information. also suggests ways to save based on your purchase history.
  • Billski Bill Tracker - Worries about paying bills can ease with help from Billski, an app that helps you stay on top of due dates and amounts owed. It also lets you set up reminders and display the date paid.
  • Debt Payoff Planner - Helps you determine which card or loan should be paid off first, along with determining how long it will take to pay off individual debts, making the goal seem that much more attainable.

Whether you are using a DROID RAZR MAXX  or a Lucid by LG, there are dozens of apps available to help you get your financial house in order.   So, while you’re waiting for your interview callback, take a few minutes to explore your favorite app store and take control of your financial future.