Protect Smartphone Content: Back it Up

Face it, for many of us, smartphones are a key part of our daily lives. They serve as our web browser, portable entertainment system, pocket rolodex, and link to text and talk with friends and colleagues.

We carry a big portion of our lives on these tiny devices. So what happens to all that info if you lose your phone, it falls into the sink or you simply want to switch to a newer model?

For Verizon Wireless customers, there’s an easy answer – Backup Assistant Plus.

Backup Assistant Plus gives users a secure, online storage cloud whey they can back up contacts, photos, music, documents and videos. The app is available for almost all Verizon Wireless smartphones and many basic phones. It can be downloaded from the Verizon App Store.

There are multiple levels of content storage available. There’s a 500 MB package available for no monthly fee. Or, if more cloud storage is needed, there’s a 25 GB monthly package for $2.99 a month.  

The app itself is simple. After signing up, all of your contact information on your phone is updated and stored securely in the cloud.

Then, if anything should happen, go online, log onto Backup Assistant and enter your mobile phone number and security PIN code. All your contacts and data will be transferred to your new device or restored.

So if you’re looking to jump to new 4G LTE DROID MAXX or Lucid by LG, transferring information can be completed with a few quick clicks.