"Desert Sand" T-shirts Debuted on Clothesline Project in Arkansas

Recently the Verizon Wireless’ South Central Region introduced “desert sand” T-shirts at its Clothesline Project at Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville, Ark.

Featured locally as part of a Clothesline Project display during Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the sand-colored T-shirts were among several color-coded T-shirts on display to recognize those who have been sexually assaulted. The color of these T-shirts was chosen to honor members of the Air Force and other branches of the armed services who are sexual assault victims.

Numerous military personnel paused to read the T-shirts, which featured alarming statistics about the prevalence of sexual assault incidents in the armed services:

94 Little Rock Air Force Base airmen have been sexually assaulted since 2005

Nationally, 2,143 active-duty female airmen were sexually assaulted in 2011

Nationally, 1,355 active-duty male airmen were sexually assaulted in 2011

2 of 3 airmen sexually assaulted each year are age 25 or younger

The majority of sexually assaulted airmen are rank E1 to E4

17,539 men and women currently in the U.S. Air Force have been sexually assaulted