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Watch Life's Special Moments as They Happen, Even if You're Miles Away

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Picture it. You’re at your son’s 1st Little League game and he’s about to take his first swing. Grandpa’s a big baseball fan, and even a bigger fan of his grandson. But, due to time and distance he can’t be in the bleachers to watch this magical moment.

He doesn’t have to miss it.

Thanks the new Color for Facebook app, you can stream live video and audio as his grandson takes his first swing.

With Color, you simply hold up your smartphone like you are recording a video or taking a picture and the video is streamed as it happens over your Facebook page.

And with your Verizon Wireless smartphone, he won’t only see the image; he’ll hear the crack of the bat and cheers as his grandson runs to first base.

If he can’t catch it as it happens, don’t worry. The video can be added into your Facebook timeline to watch later. With Color, you can choose whether the video is posted on Facebook, is available to all your friends, or just a select group. The app itself is available for multiple operating systems.  Verizon Wireless customers can dial **COLOR to download the app or download it from a number of app stores.

Color is a free social camera app, which allows smartphone users to broadcast 30 seconds of live video. It’s also a great example of the way blazing-fast 4G LTE can make a difference in everyday life.

Whether it’s a grandson’s 1st game, graduation or other special family celebration, Color can help those thousands of miles away take part in these special moments.