Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone Battery (update)

Hurricane Sandy has left many people on the East Coast without power. As smartphones have been lifelines for many to family members, local authorities, news and other important information, those dealing with the aftermath are looking for ways to make their batteries last until power returns.

If you have been affected by the power outages due to Hurricane Sandy, there are a few simple steps you can take to help keep your smartphone’s battery life lasting as long as possible:

Dim the Screen: Persistent display at the brightest level is a surefire way to put your Smartphone battery into early retirement. Reducing the amount of energy your phone uses on a regular basis will pay immediate dividends.

Notifications: Pick a ringtone instead of vibrate, which uses more energy. Sometimes vibrate is preferable to a ringtone, but try to use it only as needed. 

Turn off those Apps: Turning off non-essential functions when they are not in use will go a long way to extending the amount of hours in a battery in settings. Among the biggest energy hogs are GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. All three continuously search for signals/location info whether you are using them or not, so while this is useful when you’re lost, it is not when you are found. Click on your Smartphone’s settings to see what apps are active.

Try an Extended Life Battery: Still need more battery time? An extended life battery can provide several additional hours of use. Or, pick up a portable battery power pack. It’s an easy way to charge your phone on the go, allowing complete access to your phone as it charges.

Turning down or turning off unused features, apps and functions is a simple step that can help you and your phone remain unplugged and active for hours. Additionally, take advantage of complimentary charging stations, including those being set up by Verizon Wireless, in many affected areas.