From The Big Apple to Main Street 4G LTE Powers Innovation


Superfast 4G LTE isn’t only making a difference in our nation’s largest cities; it’s helping families and businesses across the country stay connected from New York City, to Tyler, Texas, to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma City, 14-year-old Joshua Tietz used the power of 4G LTE and created an order-entry app to help his grandfather in his job.

Tietz’ grandfather, Mack, is one of several salesmen who travel the state for Kirtz Shutters.

Looking for a way to save time and improve the customer experience, he reached out to his tech-savvy grandson, Joshua, who created an order-entry application. The app allows the sales force to produce a quote on site for customers, receive their approval, email the order and copy the customer – all from the client’s home or business. 

This solution saves the customer and the company time and money. And, it’s all executed over Verizon’s 4G LTE network. 

“When I found that Verizon could team up with my grandson and create ways to save me time and reduce errors, I was excited,” said Mack Tietz.  “It is just the beginning for some great things!” 

“It was rewarding to work with Kirtz Shutters to help them utilize technology to make their jobs easier,” said Joshua.  

Oklahoma City was part of Verizon Wireless’ initial nationwide launch of 4G LTE in December 2010.  In mid-2011, Verizon celebrated Tulsa, Oklahoma as its 100th 4G LTE market.  Today, more than 2/3rd of the nation is covered by the nation's fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network.

Whether helping big businesses in the oil industry with live remote monitoring, or helping small businesses keep up with inventory of the family corner store, 4G LTE is making a difference in Oklahoma.

(Note: Kirtz Shutters was the small business winner of the Wireless Technology Innovation Award by Verizon Wireless, held in Oklahoma City in 2011.   Kirtz Shutters submitted a contest entry explaining how they use Verizon Wireless technology to advance their business and received $10,000 in recognition of its innovation.)