How Mompreneurs Can Find the Balance Between Work and Family

Juggling the responsibilities of a career and being an active mother can be an incredible challenge.  This becomes even more difficult when a mom opens her own business and joins the growing ranks of mompreneurs. 
According to a recent report by the National Women's Business Council, while women start companies at a greater rate than men, the percentage of women who close the doors also outpaces men. As such, many female business owners are working overtime to keep their businesses and families afloat.  
To make every minute count, mompreneurs have to make tough choices to meet the rigid demands on their time. Here are a few helpful ways working moms can balance their hectic schedule: 
Prioritize – With a to-do list and schedule in her smartphone, a mompreneur can have a clear picture of the things she needs to accomplish throughout day along with reminders to make it to the next soccer game or to submit a client proposal before the deadline.
Organize – Drowning in a sea of paperwork? A tech savvy businesswoman can manage and store important documents with a cloud storage app, such as DropBox, or transition to having clients fill out forms electronically on a tablet to limit paper in her office or shop.
Monetize – For mompreneurs landing sales on the go, tools like the Intuit GoPayment app allow them to accept credit card payments just about anywhere, turning a school fair into an opportunity to expand her customer base.
Socialize – With Facebook, Twitter and other social apps, moms can stay in touch with friends and family while connecting with customers and prospective clients. Videoconferencing from a smartphone or tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab™ 7.7, can help mompreneurs hold face-to-face meetings even when family obligations make travel impossible.
Reenergize – Whether jogging to a favorite playlist on her smartphone or catching up on her favorite show on the Netflix tablet app, a mom needs to take a moment to herself to catch her breath and prepare for the next item on the list.
Whether building a successful company or a happy family, moms are always looking for ways to keep their personal and professional lives running smoothly. Momprenuers should look to new ways of getting organized and doing business on the go to become more efficient and successful both at work and at home.