The Smarter Business Trip

Productivity on business trips can drop for many business travelers. Between airport delays, hotel technology quirks and other unforeseen events, finding efficient solutions and making use of traveling down time may mean the difference between a successful trip and an exhausting one.  Someone running a small business is more than likely to feel more impact.  Here are five traditionally unproductive time periods you can turn around with a mobile hotspot.

The Car Ride

No, not your own car, but the taxi or car service from the airport. Chances are you were able to knock out a few documents on the flight and now with a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Jetpack you can power up your laptop or turn on your tablet during the ride home and send those documents to your colleagues. Spend the time saved with your family when you get home. 

The Layover

You’ve traveled thousands of miles and participated in endless meetings. Now you’re sitting at the airport waiting for your connecting flight home. Sure, you can people watch, but try using this time to de-stress by catching up on the latest episode of your favorite shows or sending photos to your family from your successful trip.   

The Other Office

You are visiting a client’s office and ready to start working. You’ve set up the bridge for a teleconference and you need to log in. Accessing 4G LTE via your mobile hotspot ensures a smooth transition without having to ask your hosts for Internet passwords or involve the IT department.  All of those minutes add up. 

The Aftermath

So you get back to your familiar surroundings and then it hits you - expenses. We all have to do them and account for all our receipts. The mobile hotspot immediately cuts down on the paperwork. It’s one bill. You don’t have to worry about tracking down a receipt for Wi-Fi at the airport or a hotel Internet charge. One bill at the end of the month covers every expense.

The end result is you can make downtime your friend.  4G LTE can be a great friend to the traveler and eliminate the need to wait to get back to the office to accomplish tasks.  Being untethered has never felt this good.