Making Your Tablet Beach Ready

Gone are the days of lugging heavy books, magazines and newspapers to the beach. As superfast wireless networks become more ubiquitous by the day, eReaders and tablets have become standard beach equipment.

According to the Book Industry Study Group, book lovers are turning to tablets more frequently to satisfy their reading needs. But, unlike print editions, tablets require a few supporting characters to develop their full potential and protect them on the beach.

The first step is to consider two factors: weight and the screen. A good beach tablet should be thin and light and have a screen that can be read in the sun.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 meets all these requirements. It’s sleek and lightweight and the AMOLED screen allows for crystal-clear reading in sunlight. Running on 4G LTE is an added bonus in case there’s an immediate need for new reading materials. 

An app or two is necessary to develop the potential of the tablet. Kindle for Android has over 775,000 books to choose from and the New York Times can be delivered straight to the device. NOOK for Android provides access to over 2 million books, newspapers and magazines, all updated with an optimized design for tablets. Both apps are simple to download.

To keep the tablet from getting sandy or scratched, a protective case is a must. A silicone cover case is light and flexible while providing an effective barrier against the elements. 

Which leaves the hardest decision of all to the beachgoer: What to read?