Mobile Hotspots Can Make Summertime Travel Easier and Hassel Free

Summertime and the living is easier than ever with mobile technologies that let families stay connected whether on the road to Grandma’s, the local zoo or the opposite coast. Tablets, smartphones and thousands of apps are helping travelers navigate, make reservations at local restaurants or prepay admissions at popular destinations.

Remember those games you played with your siblings that usually resulted in someone getting the window seat because they “won?”  Those days are over as pass-the-time activities can include online contests with virtual gamers, streaming music that can be shared with those in the car or downloaded movies to keep back-seat youngsters quiet during long stretches of highway drive time.

This summer, Verizon Wireless customers can not only share their data allowance across every mobile device on their account, but they can also share the Mobile Hotspot from a smartphone or a tablet to power WiFi enabled devices –for no additional charge.  Gone are early morning or late night forays into town to find a coffee shop or other WiFi connected establishment to get online. 

Mobile Hotspot users can simply share their signal and the whole family can check in with friends, post on Facebook or send photos to those left behind – even as mom “wheels” down the road.