Smart Accessories to Make Your Smartphone Seem Even Brighter

Wireless phones aren’t just for phone calls anymore. People browse the Web, take pictures and tweet. Now, smart accessories can turn your phone or tablet into a gaming system, a remote control or even a weight loss aid.

Here are some examples of the latest smart accessories.

There are healthy habits to create with Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity + Sleep Tracker and Withings Smart Body Scale. The Fitbit Ultra accurately tracks a full day’s steps, distance walked, floors climbed and calories burned, and wirelessly uploads fitness data and track progress over time. The Smart Body Scale monitors weight and helps people reach their fitness goals with a simple scale that customers can sync with their smartphone.

The Sony SmartWatch sits on the wrist like other watches, but this one turns into an information center when connected via Bluetooth to an Android smartphone. It beeps or buzzes with notifications of Gmail or text messages, weather updates, Facebook and Twitter posts from friends and followers.   

The Helo TC Remote Control Helicopter and Zombie Burbz game turn a smartphone into a toy straight out of the future. The HELO TC app, which connects to a toy helicopters, provides joystick controls on the touch screen display and the ability to pilot by tilting the smartphone.

If flying isn’t for you, Zombie Burbz brings you directly to a zombie apocalypse on any tablet. Moving the zombie pieces across the screen allows you to play through different levels as neighborhood zombies, controlling characters and moving them around to attack or defend their territory.

Smart Accessories are available online and in select Verizon Wireless Communications Stores.