Virginia Law Enforcement Official Lends a Hand to Victims of Domestic Violence

Most of us reach out to our moms with a phone call.  Richmond Police Sergeant Carol Adams remembers the mother that she lost through phone donations.

Adams' mother, Orine, died on Dec. 31, 1980, a victim of domestic violence.  Carol Adams was 17 at the time.  To honor the memory of her mother, Orine Adams, and help others find the courage to speak out against abuse, Adams began collecting phones for HopeLine from Verizon, a phone recycling program that provides free wireless phones to victims and cash grants to domestic violence prevention organizations. 

“Everyone has old cell phones or chargers lying in a drawer in their home, so I knew we wouldn’t have a problem collecting donations. It’s a simple, easy way to make a difference,” said Adams.  

Since starting the collection in her mother’s honor in 2004, Adams has collected more than 20,000 wireless phones and accessories for HopeLine, making her the most prolific collector for the program. In turn, Verizon Wireless established the “Carol Adams HopeLine Community Outreach Program” to honor Adams and her mother’s memory.  Through the program, the company has awarded nearly $40,000 to Virginia non-profit domestic violence service providers. 

Sgt. Adams has inspired others in her community to get involved.  Thomas Victory, a Richmond resident, recently lost a friend to the hands of domestic abuse. When Victory heard of his friend’s passing, he joined Adams in her mission to collect phones. Others in the community have moved forward to contribute to the success of the program and help victims throughout the area find peace and support.

Sergeant Adams is a model for those looking to support a cause, and her dedication to domestic violence prevention is an inspiration.