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How much is 4 GB per month?

See how much you can do with 4 gigabytes of data per month. If you need more, Verizon has you covered.

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As a savvy wireless customer, you want to choose a plan with just the right amount of data for you and your usage situation. Too few gigabytes, and you could wind up paying for extra data each month. Too many, and you’ll be paying for more than you need.
So, how can you estimate how much data you’ll actually need? In this article, we give some typical usage examples to help you gauge how much data you need. 
And if you’re still unsure, Verizon has tools like the Verizon Data Calculator to help you plan for and monitor your monthly data usage.

2 GB or not 2 GB?

Whenever you’re reading email, surfing the web, downloading apps, navigating with GPS or watching a video on your smartphone or tablet – and you’re not connected to Wi-Fi – then you’re using data.
If you’re like most smartphone users, you’ll probably use 2 GB or less each month. In fact, more than 90 percent of Verizon Wireless smartphone or tablet customers use less than 2 GB per month.

There's a lot that can be done with just 2 GB.

Let’s say you send 100 emails, visit 50 web pages and stream 15 minutes of music every day for an entire month. In that case, you will use a little more than 1 GB.
Add another 50 web pages to your daily viewing and you would still only reach 1.61 GB of data.
Now, when it comes to watching video on your smartphone or tablet, that’s where data consumption can grow quickly. In this scenario, adding two minutes of daily video viewing on 4G LTE will bump your data use to about 1.95 GB per month.

Are you a steady streamer? Then you'll need 4 GB or more.

If 4G LTE video streaming is a regular part of your smartphone use, you will need more data – 4 GB or more.
With a monthly plan that includes 4 GB of data, you can watch 300 minutes of video per month (the equivalent of ten 30-minute sitcoms), surf 50 web pages daily, upload 10 pictures, stream 15 minutes of music and send 50 emails every day. In this case, you’d still use only 3.61 GB.

What if you're a serious streamer? Someone who watches 30 minutes of 4G LTE video or more a day?

Add that video use to the email and web surfing scenario described above and you use about 7 GB a month.
The scenarios are almost endless. But no matter which type of data user you are, Verizon Wireless has you covered. 
With Verizon Wireless data plans, there are options for everyone – from the single-line smartphone user to the multi-device family of super users.

Knowing how much data you consume takes a little research and some time thinking about how you plan to use your smartphone or tablet. In the long run, a few minutes studying your data use will save you money and help you find a data plan that works best for you and your family.