Pack Up the Car and Download These Fun Road Trip Apps

Summer road trips with the family can make for wonderful memories, as long as they’re not filled with choruses of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m bored” from the backseat. That’s why a good supply of educational games, books, videos on a smartphone or tablet can sometimes be as important as a GPS system. To ensure young passengers stay entertained for hours on end, take a little time to prepare to check out these apps.

Brain Challenge 3: Think Again makes learning fun for kids. Designed for children ages 7 and up, this engaging and enriching app is a road trip companion that will help keep minds sharp before heading back to school. Mom and Dad can get involved from the front seat and test their smarts, too.

A car trip is also a great chance for kids to get a book or two checked off their summer reading lists. E-reader apps, such as the Kindle for Android app, provide access to thousands of books, available for download onto many devices.

Once everyone has had their fill of learning, it’s time to play games and have fun as a family with multi-player apps. Extreme Hangman puts an interactive twist on a classic road trip game, while Draw Something allows kids to take turns drawing pictures on a touch screen and ask Mom, Dad and siblings to guess what they’ve sketched.

Finally, being in the car doesn’t mean kids can’t watch their favorite TV shows or movies. It’s easier than ever to stream movies, TV shows and other video content right to a 4G LTE device with viewdini. This video portal app allows users to search for a video by title, actor name, genre and more and then download the video onto their device for rent or purchase.

With these apps, a long car ride will no longer be something to dread, but rather the start of a memorable summer vacation.