The Ultimate Summer Night at the Movies

When it comes to summer entertainment, nothing beats a night at the movies with your friends or family. Unless, that is, the evening is ruined by long lines, sold-out showtimes or a summertime flop. To avoid these headaches and get good seats for the latest blockbuster, theater-goers need a few easy-to-use apps to be prepared.

Getting the right advice from film experts and friends before buying a ticket will keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. Use Flixster to read critics’ reviews, watch high-quality trailers or connect to Facebook to find out what friends are saying about a certain flick.

Movie Night Out helps coordinate a pre-movie dinner by listing local theaters and nearby eateries and restaurants. And, for those interested in hitting the towns after the credits are done rolling, use this app to check out music venues and other nightlife options.

Summer is a very busy time of the year at the box office, which means long lines and sold-out showtimes. Movie-goers can save themselves the disappointment of a big, red “Sold Out” signs by purchasing tickets in advance using an app such as Fandango.

If you need to step out mid-movie, RunPee offers suggestions for the best time to leave the theater to go use the restroom, making sure you won’t miss the juicy parts of the movie. It also provides other movie tidbits, such as if there is any special content after the end credits.

Summer movie nights should be stress-free for everybody, so do the research and planning ahead of time and get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Or, if starting and stopping a movie at your leisure is your preference, take advantage of viewdini to watch movies, television shows and other premium video content on your 4G LTE-enabled smartphone or tablet from the comforts of home.