Verizon LTE Innovation Center Turns One

To innovate means to do something in a new way, and, in the world of wireless, that means new possibilities using 4G LTE. 

More than just making things go faster, 4G LTE is a technology platform that makes what we used to see only in science fiction – like wearable computing, virtual attendants, or customer service using video through a kiosk or an ATM – real and relevant today. 

A wide range of industries are fundamentally changed when 4G LTE is part of the solution. Consumers can be tested for sleep apnea in the comfort of their own homes rather than a hospital or clinic, using a 4G LTE-enabled monitor to transmit the results to healthcare professionals. Workers can use a wearable, voice-controlled computer for quick access to diagrams and manuals over 4G LTE when service is needed at remote sites. And, retail or public spaces take on a whole new meaning when 4G LTE-enabled kiosks provide real-time information to shoppers or travelers. 

These innovations have been designed and developed quickly because of the expertise found in Verizon’s Innovation Program.  One year ago, Verizon officially opened its LTE Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass., and opened the doors to a world of opportunity around 4G LTE.

Nearly 20 products, ranging from modules to routers to robots, have come through Verizon’s Innovation Program since last year, with dozens more on the horizon. Many of these are the building blocks to bigger solutions in the machine to machine space, embedding the power, speed and possibilities that come with 4G LTE.

The LTE Innovation Center was honored with world-class status by the Association of Briefing Program Managers and several of the products earned “Best in Show” at the International CES show in January

Innovative work continues. Every day, network engineers from Verizon stand side-by-side with entrepreneurs, other traditional communications companies, consumer products firms and software developers from more than 120 companies all focused on accelerating the development of new solutions.