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Video Calling: Elevating Small Business Collaboration

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In today’s digital world, video collaboration is one of the most innovative and valuable resources for businesses both large and small. Once a pipe dream, mobile video technology is now at the top of the wish list for many. 

For a small business owner on a budget, video calling on a 4G LTE-enabled smartphone or tablet is an affordable and practical option for quality face-to-face time with employees, clients and prospects while cutting travel costs and lost time. According to a recent survey by Cisco Systems, Inc., 77 percent of respondents said the use of mobile technology resulted in a decrease in business-related travel, while 69 percent reported that it saved the company money.

In addition to eliminating travel costs, the survey also found that using mobile video communication, such as Skype or Tango, enhances users’ productivity and helps build better relationships with customers and co-workers. More than 70 percent of users also noted that the technology helped improve their work-life balance.

Those who are able to take advantage of these added benefits are likely to see immediate improvements in teamwork and productivity, leading to greater employee and customer satisfaction. Using video calling tools like ooVoo on a wireless device also allow participants to see the facial expressions and body language of a client, so they know if their message is resonating. For example, being able to make eye contact during a conversation creates a personal connection between the speaker and listener that better conveys emotions, interest and intentions.

With the continuing evolution of affordable video calling solutions, the company with the best technology wins. To be successful, small businesses need to stay on the cutting edge of productivity and communication. By combining the capabilities of mobile video with the power and speed of an incredible network, entrepreneurs have a powerhouse means to strengthen business relationships and increase efficiency anywhere.