How Blogging Evolves with Mobile Technology

Last week, bloggers from across the country gathered at the New York Hilton for the BlogHer’12 Conference. Attracting writers who cover everything from health and fitness, to finance, the event provided a great opportunity for bloggers to learn how mobile technology can improve website experience and increase interaction with readers.

Faster data networks and innovative wireless devices are new mobile technologies that bloggers can embrace to deliver richer content to their readers.

Before the introduction of a high-speed 4G LTE data network, bloggers often relied on spotty Wi-Fi access and connectivity to post timely content at events. With tools like mobile hotspots and the capabilities of 4G LTE, bloggers can handle more data, and update their websites with multimedia while on the go in real time.

Aside from the ability to update and create blog posts, new devices are shaping the way bloggers create content. Tablets incorporate essential tools, like a video and photo camera, streamlining the process to produce engaging content and reducing what needs to be carried. For example a small business blogger can shoot video at a press event and take photos on a tablet, such as the DROID XYBOARD 10.1, and design the layout for post quickly on the touch screen device.

Superfast 4G LTE also provides other new opportunities to bloggers. Some writers may live in rural areas where Internet broadband options are not available or are limited. However, products like HomeFusion Broadband create new connectivity options in these areas and let bloggers share their ideas and experiences with the world.

Mobile technology is changing the way people communicate. Today’s readers expect more from their Internet experience. They want richer multimedia experiences and 4G LTE technology enables bloggers to deliver that. As technology continues to evolve so will the idea of what a blog is and what it can do.