In Times of Crisis, Communication is the Number One Tool

Not too long ago, TV and radio broadcasts were the best way to get the latest news about an emergency or natural disaster. Yet today, with the development of superfast smartphones, tablets and other high-speed mobile devices on an advanced 4G LTE network, wireless technology has become an indispensable way to get news to use quickly in a crisis.

When disaster strikes – whether it’s a hurricane or wildfire – smartphones and other devices play a key role in helping disseminate information and enhance public safety. A reliable wireless network enables consumers to stay in touch with family and friends and get the latest information in rapidly changing circumstances, including important weather and traffic alerts, as well as live video streamed to and from devices that fit in the palms of their hands.

Today’s high-speed wireless communications are equally valuable in the hands of first responders and public safety officials. Wireless networks and devices enable emergency personnel to efficiently respond and coordinate activities among rescue workers in the field and in command centers.

Time and time again, communication before, during and after emergency situations is key in  protecting those in harm’s way and providing for greater public safety. The most important thing consumers can do to get the most out of their wireless devices is to have a personal emergency communications plan in place before disaster strikes. Look here for tips that can help consumers prepare, plan and stay informed and connected in the event of an emergency.