Finding a Lost Android Smartphone

If you have ever misplaced a smartphone, you know the sinking feeling that sets in after you empty the contents of your bag and have someone call your phone repeatedly only to realize that it is really and truly lost.

One study found that U.S. consumers lose their smartphones about once a year, meaning an annual blow to both their bank accounts and privacy if the loss is permanent. Thankfully, there are multiple tools consumers with Android smartphones can use to help locate their device.

Installing the Mobile Recovery app is a precaution all Android users should take. This app finds your lost phone using its GPS, even when the satellite signal is weak or unavailable. Once the app is installed, to locate your device simply log in to the Mobile Recovery website, click the ‘Locate Phone’ button and the location and address where the phone is at will appear. You can also receive directions to retrieve your phone, see a virtual history of where your phone has been and lock your phone to protect your privacy.

The Android Lost app also allows users to locate a lost smartphone with GPS, as well as control it remotely through the Internet or via SMS commands from another smartphone. Controls include locking the device, setting up a pop-up message for someone who may find it and activating the camera to take a picture of its surroundings. The Android Lost Web page has directions on how to get started.

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