Be a Healthier Mom With the Help of Technology

Sacrificing workouts for carpools and wholesome meals for quick snacks because of laundry and homework help is a reality for moms everywhere. According to award-winning fitness blogger Carla Birnberg, however, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential to raising healthy kids.

“My daughter and I often chat about the importance of having muscles and being strong,” Birnberg says on her blog, MizFitOnline. “In my opinion, it’s all about role modeling for our children how we want them to view exercise.”

At the BlogHer Health Minder Day event, mom bloggers and health experts like Birnberg will discuss how moms can use technology to manage their wellness. With the help of a few tools and gadgets, mothers can make significant improvements to their nutrition and fitness while educating their kids in the process.

On her blog Weelicious, healthy chef Catherine McCord suggests that moms bring their kids to the grocery store to shop for nutritious ingredients, as well as cook meals with them. With the Fooducate Grocery Scanner app, mothers and children can scan products together to see nutritious information before making the purchase. Back in the kitchen, they can browse thousands of recipes by category, course and more on the SparkRecipes app to prepare a nutritious meal for the entire family.

In order to stay fit themselves and encourage family exercise, Birnberg stresses the importance of moms to staying active and playing with their children. Using a FitBit Activity Tracker at the playground, which tracks steps taken, calories burned and distances traveled, or using Wello at home, which allows moms to connect with a personal trainer via video chat on their laptop, are two great ways to keep an eye on the kids and make time for exercise.In addition to eating healthy and exercising, it is essential to unwind and rejuvenate. The 15-Minutes Gentle Yoga app features quick series of stretching and strength exercises to be completed at different times of day. Instead of watching TV in between swim practice and dinner, kids can join mom and practice their yoga moves, too.Armed with reliable technology, moms can ensure their own wellness and help their kids develop smart habits for life.