Rezounding Approval: What People Are Saying

Last week Verizon Wireless announced the upgrade of HTC’s Rezound to the Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. The Rezound is the latest device to make the leap to Ice Cream Sandwich and, as PC MAG points out, customers can expect a number of enhancements including swipe notifications and the ability to monitor data usage from the one place. The actual upgrade time varies as Phandroid and Gottabemobile reported on August 2. The Verge noted the upgrade package totals 299 MB in all. The upgrade is being pushed to customers in phases. Customers can also manually download the upgrade by going to settings on their smartphone, tapping software update, and then selecting “check new” to download. Once complete, users notice significant enhancements and new features such as facial recognition and multitasking to switch between apps. For more functionality improvements, see the official HTC Rezound software benefits guide.