Apps for Drafting a Fantasy Football Dream Team

Training camps are in full swing; the official start of football season is around the corner; and 21 million people are eagerly planning their draft strategy for their fantasy football teams. Dedicated fantasy players use every tool available, and that includes apps. As draft day quickly approaches, choosing the right apps can help you find the perfect picks and manage your team throughout the season.

Leading up to draft day, NFL Fantasy Cheat Sheet lets fantasy football fans research the latest on their potential draftees and plan their draft board for when the big day arrives. The app provides player rankings, average draft position and the latest news to help build a winning team. 

Once the season kicks off, turn to Fantasy Forecast. It takes the best from a variety of forecasting sites, averaging them out and providing users with the most accurate numbers and projections possible. Then, users can manage their teams on the go while keeping track of their fantasy scores in real time on NFL Fantasy Football Mobile.

From training camps to preseason games, the NFL Mobile app provides access to live streaming of NFL network, video highlights, headline news, blogs and other league content. Fantasy football fans can keep up with players on their teams, as well as scout potential trades by watching video highlights from games around the league.

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Enjoy and good luck. For my first pick I’m taking ...