Plan Your Last-Minute Summer Getaway

According to USA Today, 140 million Americans plan to travel this summer, and many of them will not make their plans until the last minute. In fact, travel site reports that half of hotel bookings on its app are same-day reservations. If you’re a last-minute traveler, there are many apps to help you quickly research destinations, book a flight and plan out your days.

To pick a destination, try TripAdvisor. The app compares user reviews and finds best-rated vacation destinations. The Travel in 10 app offers 10-minute videos on destinations ranging from Los Angeles to Laos. 

Before you get your heart set on a location, be sure to check the local weather conditions with the WeatherBug or Weather Channel apps. There’s no point in wasting a weekend getaway at the beach if heavy rains are expected.

Once you pick a destination, use an app such as Kayak to book your flight, hotel and even a rental car. Kayak compares deals from hundreds of travel sites to make sure you get the best price available. Another resource for accommodations is the Priceline Hotel Negotiator app, which lets you name your price for a hotel room. Sometimes, last-minute planning adds up to big savings.

When your plans are set, you can download the WHERE app to find restaurants, concerts, festivals and other fun things to do while on vacation. WHERE works by using your location data so you can be sure that the activities it recommends are happening close by.

If you’re travelling internationally, you don’t have much time to brush up on the local language and culture before you leave. Have no fear: you can learn important phrases with the Trippo VoiceMagix speech-to-speech translator app by speaking into your phone in English and having it translated for you instantly. Also, learn common courtesies expected in the country you’re visiting with the Conde Nast Traveler Etiquette 101 app.

So, go ahead and book that last minute summer adventure; these apps have you covered.