Mobile Menagerie Unleashed to Boost Coverage at RNC

Tampa Bay will soon be buzzing with activity as people from across the country arrive for the Republican National Convention (RNC). Tens of thousands of delegates, journalists, commentators and others will be in the region – most with smartphones, tablets, mobile hotspots and other wireless devices in hand.

Verizon Wireless expects record-breaking reliance on its 4G LTE and 3G networks, as these RNC visitors avidly tweet, text, talk and more.

To help ensure that coverage and services are strong and reliable, Verizon Wireless for months has been installing permanent network upgrades and equipment at key venues for the RNC and the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

In Tampa Bay, the improvements include the installation of cellular base stations and/or in-building distributed antenna systems at venues including the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tropicana Field and the Tampa Bay Convention Center.

The company also will unleash a menagerie of mobile units to boost service exactly where and when it is needed.

These include COWs (Cell On Wheels), COLTs (Cell On Light Trucks), CROWs (Cellular Repeater On Wheels) and GOATs (Generator On A Trailer).

“We’ve herded a huge amount of resources into the area to ensure top coverage and services for customers at RNC and throughout Tampa Bay,” said Frank Wise, network executive director for the Verizon Wireless Florida region. “Having this barnyard of mobile units is a great boost for our 4G LTE and 3G networks.”