Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) Features Peel Smart Remote

It’s no secret that traditional remote controls can be clumsy, difficult to program and full of buttons that no one understands. Plus, the number of remotes for stereos, DVD players and TVs occupying coffee tables, hiding in cushions and adding clutter to living rooms is mounting.

As tablets grow in popularity, so too does their use in front of TVs. According to a recent study by Wakefield Research and Logitech, at least 45 percent of tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV one or more times a day and more than 68 percent of people do so once a week. With tablet use increasing, a natural transition for many TV watchers is using a tablet as a universal remote control for all the electronics in the room.

The Peel Smart Remote app on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 turns the tablet into a master remote control for the home entertainment system. Users can add a TV, stereo and DVD player with a few taps, and no pesky codes are needed to determine the make and model as the app has them built in. The tablet becomes the entertainment center and has the ability to browse what’s on TV, create a favorites list and set program reminders.

Making the tablet a universal remote that controls the entire home entertainment center eliminates remote control chaos and keeps the coffee table organized.