Shoppers See Innovation on the DNA Wall

While companies increasingly encourage customers to place orders or make other transactions on the Internet, there’s often still a need and desire to go to a store before making a purchase. Talking with salespeople and seeing merchandise up close can help make purchasing decisions easier. 

Like sophisticated e-commerce sites, retail stores are stepping up their games, too, and over the past few years, innovations in this area have been numerous – from handheld devices for mobile payments and tablets carried by sales people to green store design that benefits the environment.

Technology is driving much of this change, and influencing the way information is presented to customers. With large displays, targeted advertising, QR codes and video deployed throughout a store, customers have access to more information before they make a purchase. 

Verizon Wireless has brought a new kind of innovation to two of its stores in California. The company created an Innovation Zone by installing a high-tech “DNA Wall” to give customers a fun and interactive way to discover information about the company’s devices, network and apps. 

Developed as part of the customer showcase at Verizon’s Innovation Centers and used as part of various trade show displays, the DNA Wall is a sleek, technology-driven way to present information about various parts of the business. A sophisticated touch screen lets customers explore the various smartphones, tablets and apps highlighted by the company, and associates are trained to include the wall as part of the sales process.   

Innovation comes from everywhere, and is everywhere we look, even as we shop.