What's a Super Data User?

No two mobile users are the same. Some upload a few images a week to Facebook, occasionally watch a 30-second clip on YouTube or spend a couple hours a day listening to Slacker. Others are “super data users” who watch full TV episodes or entire movies on their device using viewdini, or spend hours playing online games. 

For super data users, their smartphones or tablets are primary vehicles for video, music and communicating with friends. While the average person uses roughly two gigabytes (GB) of data a month, super data users require more, sometimes growing to the 10 GB level or higher.

Wondering what type of usage would result in 10 to 15 GB of use in a month? Using the Verizon Data Usage Calculator, here’s one example.

With 14.11 GB per month, every day you could watch an hour of 4G LTE video (the equivalent of 60 30-minute sitcoms each month), listen to one hour of streaming music, surf 100 web pages, upload 10 photos and send 250 emails.

That’s not a level everyone will reach, but does provide context about how much can be done with a data amount that large.

Mobile data is a growing part of just about everyone’s life, including families and individual super data users. Creating options that addressed heavy data usage was integral to the development of Share Everything plans. The plans include options from 1 GB of data a month to 20 GB, to share with up to 10 devices.

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