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Tech Tips for Every Green Thumb

Technology and gardening may seem like strange bedfellows, but a green thumb on an electronic device can help gardeners of all kinds. 

One step in turning an ordinary yard into a beautiful garden is selecting plants. With the Garden Guide app, gardeners can decide which greenery is best suited for their yard and their maintenance plan. This digital manual comes with expert gardening techniques, tips to practice safe pest control and ways to get the most out of a garden.

Once a nursery is planted, it’s time to keep it alive. Take the hassle out of upkeep with the Compost Calculator app, which provides tips to reuse everyday household waste, such as vegetable scraps and cardboard, to create a well-balanced compost mix that will keep a garden thriving, and contribute to the environment.

For the multi-tasker who depends on to-do lists, My Garden Lite creates a database to help manage a garden, offering alerts as a reminder to water the plants and instructions on how to care for each plant.

The Samsung Intensity III provides peace of mind for the active gardener who needs to stay connected in their backyard. The smartphone meets military standards for dust and sand resistance, so gardeners can toil in the soil with the comfort of knowing the device won’t get damaged. For those who live an eco-friendly lifestyle away from the garden, the Samsung Intensity III also offers various green features, such as an eco-calculator that tracks vehicle mileage and estimates carbon dioxide emissions.

Put on those gardening gloves this weekend, and create your perfect summer garden!