4G LTE Technology Connects Wounded Warriors With Political Leaders

National and political leaders used 4G LTE technology to connect live and offer well-wishes to “wounded warriors” during the “Birdies for the Brave” charity event which took place in Tampa, Fla., the site of the Republican National Convention.

The veterans, at the Veterans Affairs Commission in Hamilton, Ohio, spoke with national leaders through a VGo Robotic Telepresence unit.

VGo uses Verizon’s 4G LTE network to allow users to go places even when they physically can’t be there. The veterans operated the robot remotely and were able to see, hear and talk with people at the Tampa Bay event.

VGo is one of the 4G LTE enabled products that have come about through the Verizon  LTE Innovation Center in Waltham, Mass. 

The “Birdies for the Brave” event also featured check presentations from numerous organizations to various charities serving military families. More than $1.6 million was pledged at the event to help veterans and active military servicemen and servicewomen.