College Connection — Simple Tips to Stay in Touch with Family and Friends

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, 21.6 million students started college this fall. Whether you are 50 or 500 miles away from home, your smartphone or tablet can help you stay in touch with family and friends in more ways than one.

Send a quick update about your first few weeks of classes to your family using HeyTell, an app that allows you to leave quick voice messages with just a tap of a button.

Between tweets, Facebook updates and Instagram uploads, you might not know where to look first. Hootsuite can help. It’s a social media network aggregator that allows you to check and share with all your accounts in one place so you can stay updated on everyone in your life faster.

Want to talk face to face with your parents from miles away? Skype and Oovoo are great for video chat. And, with Oovoo, you can catch up with friends and multiple family members at the same time because it allows you to video chat with up to 12 people at once.

Or, if you have a more personal message for mom, Path might be the solution for you. Path is a secure social network that lets you post updates and photos with the people you choose. Send an I Love You pic to your mom without sharing it with the world.

Whether it is studying, juggling classes and new activities, the school year is a busy and exciting time. Make sure to load up on all the best tools for staying connected to friends and family while you are away from home.