Balance Family Health and Your Health with Technology

Juggling business meetings and soccer games with exercise and healthy cooking can test the organizational skills of just about any working parent. With apps and smart accessories to help, finding a balance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a struggle.

During the day, MOMster’s Regina Ragone recommends portion control when it comes to snacking to keep moms energized. To help track your food intake at the office, take advantage of apps like MyFitness Pal to monitor daily portions and calories.

After a long day at the office, ordering out might seem like an easy solution for a quick dinner, but recommends turning to the family for help. Grab the kids and use recipe apps, like Easy Chef Recipes, to search by food or category to cook a quick meal with what’s already in your cabinet. Not only are you getting some quality family time, you’re also teaching a valuable lesson on healthy eating and saving a few dollars.

Finding time to exercise between work and home responsibilities can be challenging. For those looking for a little extra motivation, there are several smart health and fitness accessories, such as Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity Tracker or Withings Smart Body Scale, that wirelessly monitor diet, exercise, weight and even sleep.

Using these apps and gadgets can help keep you healthy so you can focus on balancing work and family time.