Get Rewarded for Using Apps

Coupon clipping is no longer the only way to get a discount or reward; tech-savvy consumers can now reap these benefits by downloading certain apps. Many companies offer incentives for using their apps to conduct everyday tasks like going to the gym, eating or watching TV.

Viggle is a free app that lets people earn points by checking in to their favorite television programs. Accumulated points can be redeemed for rewards which include movie tickets, gift cards, wireless accessories, music and more.

Fans of The X FACTOR can download The Xtra Factor app to rate performances, interact with other fans and view live-streaming content from backstage. Fans can engage in activities to earn points and redeem them for rewards, which include X Factor apparel, digital wallpaper and items autographed by the judges.

For those who’d rather jog for 30 minutes than watch a TV show, Gympact provides cash incentives to gym-goers. Users set goals to earn cash back, but if they skip an appointment with the treadmill, they end up losing cash.

Some apps find ways to reward people for the most basic daily activity: eating. LevelUp provides an easy way to use a smartphone to pay for a meal while scoring cash. This app links a credit or debit card to a phone and can be scanned to pay to unlock savings at a new or favorite restaurant.

Every day there are opportunities to save money, earn rewards or get discounts, the only trick is finding the right app.