How SMBs Can Make Self-Improvement Month Count

September is “Self-Improvement Month,” the perfect time to embrace change and take advantage of new opportunities in both your personal and professional life. Here are a few ways small business owners and entrepreneurs can improve their work lives to have a positive impact on their businesses and make time for personal self-improvement.

• Explore new technologies – Having the right technology tailored to specific business and industry needs helps to improve efficiency. Free resources, including Verizon Wireless’ Small Business Advisor, which helps entrepreneurs find the tools and apps to support their business needs, can introduce business owners to technology they wouldn’t have otherwise discovered.

• Empower employees – Enhancing collaboration and communication between your employees will empower them to make better business decisions. Microsoft Office 365, available as part of Verizon Wireless’ Small Business Essentials portfolio, is a cloud solution that provides access to email, instant messages with video and voice conferencing, document sharing, and more – all of the tools needed to give small businesses the same edge as larger companies.

• Reach customers – Who doesn’t want to get paid quickly these days? To expand your customer base and increase sales in a small business without going through the process and expense of traditional credit card systems, mobile payment systems, like Intuit GoPayment Card Reader, are great tools. It allows the business to start accepting credit card payments right away, enabling SMBs that are cash-only or make sales on the road to expand their businesses quickly while saving time and money.

• Travel with confidence – Even while on the go, technology can keep small business owners connected with their business and customers. Jetpacks allow entrepreneurs to get work done while on the go and be productive from anywhere – even while travelling in the airport, on a train or on the morning commute. With the ability to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices, you can even share access with the people around you. You never know where your next customer may come from. 

With the right tools, entrepreneurs can take the first steps towards self-improvement this month, becoming more efficient and finding the perfect work-life balance.