Self-Service in the Smartphone Age

Smartphones can make it easy for you to monitor everything from the weather to your bank account. They empower you to do business from the road and make purchases on the fly at your own convenience. Suffice to say, smartphones have redefined self-service. The level of self-service that your smartphone enables is also available for your wireless device and account.

If you like managing your bank or other accounts from your phone, you’ll love doing the same with your wireless account. Tools such as the Data Usage Widget that sits right on your screen on many mobile devices can help keep a close eye on and manage wireless data consumption in near real time.

Much like quickly looking up and changing dinner reservations all from an application on your smartphone, monitoring personal account information can be done on the run. Smart Linkaways allow you to utilize short codes such as #BAL for balance inquiries to directly access and make changes to account information without a call to customer service.

Using apps to shop on your smartphone has become an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Now you can shop from your smartphone, for your smartphone. Storefronts such as the Mobile Accessory Store within the My Verizon Mobile app let you browse and purchase accessories, automatically ensuring compatibility with your current device.

Innovative self-service tools and solutions such as these, which landed Verizon Wireless on the 2012 InformationWeek 500 list, can help you manage your wireless life just as your smartphone has empowered you to take control of every other aspect.