Conquer Your College Town

Your freshman year of college can be nerve-wracking. You’re learning the ins-and-outs of a new town, trying to find the closest grocery store, coffee house, and the nearest Laundromat in addition to mastering your classes and meeting new friends.

Luckily, with your smartphone in hand, there are many apps and services to help you navigate your new world.

The Poynt app can act as a personal guide, showing you the nearest grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters and retail shops.

Need a quick shot of caffeine to stay up to study, or simply a morning coffee to wake up? The CoffeeFast app can help, providing directions and reviews of the locals’ favorite cafes. For Starbucks fans, the company’s app provides benefits such as accepting pre-orders and pay-by-phone to skip the long lines.

And if you’re in need of a quick bite to eat on a college student sized budget, check out Urbanspoon. The app searches nearby eateries and offers suggestions by food type or price. The Yelp app provides customer reviews and ratings for nearly any restaurant, cafe or services offered. 

Navigating a new college town doesn’t have to be difficult. With your smartphone by your side, you’ll be maneuvering your way around in no time.