Prepare Your Wireless Devices Before Disaster Strikes

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has declared September National Preparedness Month as a call to citizens to be prepared, have a plan and stay informed in the event of a disaster.

One of the most important components is to prepare your own personal emergency communications plans. So, make sure that you and your family have a well communicated plan, as well as the right tools to stay safe, connected and informed.

According to the American Red Cross, Americans have become increasingly reliant on mobile devices during emergencies. Wireless phones, smartphones and other wireless devices are powerful communications tools that assist disaster victims in sharing their whereabouts, reaching out for help and staying alert in an emergency. It’s imperative that consumers understand how to best prepare and use wireless devices to communicate in emergency situations.

FEMA’s new National Preparedness Month Toolkit highlights tips for using a wireless device to communicate before, dos and don’ts on topics such as how to (or how not to) access 911 during an emergency and which government agencies offer mobile alerts and social media resources during emergencies. Verizon Wireless also offers advice on how to stay connected and take care of wireless devices so they are ready should disaster strike.

The question every citizen should ask this month is: Would my family and I be ready if there was an emergency? Take the time to make sure the answer is “yes.”