Autumn is Here. Are You Ready to Leaf Peep?

In the coming weeks, millions of “leaf peepers” will hit the road or path in search of the most vivid colors nature has to offer. 

Autumn is upon us and, whether you’re traveling to Vermont or to your backyard, there are apps for your smartphone and tablet that can help turn your fall foliage tour into a dazzling experience. 

The Foliage Leaf Peepr app offers a color-coded map showing where in the country leaves are turning colors and where they are in the color-changing process. With Foliage Leaf Peepr, you can share foliage reports by posting photos, writing comments and rating foliage at your location.

If you’re a novice when it comes to foliage viewing, Audobon Trees can help you become a true tree and leaf expert. This app lets you browse and identify trees and leaves by shape, family and name and learn more about them. You can share your findings on Facebook and report the sighting right on the app.

For those hitting the road in search of the perfect foliage experience, InnTouch Bed and Breakfast Locator is invaluable, offering thousands of bed & breakfast options for those looking for a quaint place to stay during their leaf peeping trip and providing instant access to the inn for reservations.

From California to New England and pretty much everywhere in between, autumn is for the senses - vivid colors and that special autumn scent in the air. So, grab your smartphone or tablet, head outdoors and join the millions of other leaf peepers this season.