Apps to Enhance College Football Saturday

It’s autumn, and college football rules Saturdays in communities and campuses across the country. Whether it is Tigers or Ducks, Gators or Gamecocks, fans can’t get enough. For fans fortunate enough to have a ticket to the game or are watching it from home, their smartphone or tablet can help them stay up to date on all the action and share the experience with friends.

With 4G LTE, fans can quickly upload game photos or HD highlights. With a variety of apps, fans watching from home can feel the excitement of being at the stadium in full body paint or jerseys no matter where they are watching. With the Color app, fans can stream live video and audio of game day activities right to Facebook. The video can be added into their Facebook timeline to watch later and relive the moment with friends.

For breaking news and score alerts, the ESPN College Football app provides game previews, analysis and highlights. WatchESPN provides easy access to live games and comprehensive editorial coverage featuring game previews, recaps, analysis and highlights. Want to listen to the official broadcast while at the stadium? Check out the College Football Radio app. 

The AP Top 25 College Football Poll widget is a great way for poll watchers to stay on top of the latest rankings. It displays the Top 10 on the device home screen and expands to the entire 25 with a tap on the screen.

So this Saturday, before heading to the game or taking a seat to watch the action, grab device smartphone or tablet to share the moment.