Google Now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google Now, a feature on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, has a simple purpose: supplying the information you need when you need it. Taking cues from your device’s Google search history and other services, Google Now customizes the information that is important to you and delivers it right to your home screen.

For increased accuracy, the feature remembers previous and frequent searches and can identify your current location. It then delivers pertinent updates for events, activities and more using virtual “cards.” Popping up from the bottom of the screen, these cards provide notifications on a variety of items such as weather conditions, current traffic and nearby locales.

Google Now is also able to recall your daily commute as well as the time you leave each day. Using the Traffic Card, it can automatically identify traffic issues or detours and calculate an alternative route before you step foot outside the house, and, with 4G LTE, you can be assured of getting the information as quickly as possible. If you take public transportation, Google Now’s Public Transit Card offers up-to-the-minute train information for your usual station.

Google Now also features a voice option for hands-free search. Using speech recognition technology, you can make appointments, compose messages and carry out Google searches with ease.

Galaxy Nexus by Samsung is the first smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network to be upgraded to Jelly Bean. DROID RAZR M and the upcoming DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR HD MAXX will be upgraded to Jelly Bean before the end of the year.

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