M2M Solutions Lead to Maximum Efficiency (update)

UPDATE - Thursday, January 3: Centeron will be one of the many solutions available for review/demonstration at the Verizon booth at CES 2013.

Innovative solutions do not need to be complicated or expensive; they simply need to work. Through collaboration with a variety of technology companies, the Verizon Innovation Program helps to create solutions that take advantage of different cellular networks, depending on the needs of a particular business. High-speed networks like 4G LTE offer many new opportunities, but many companies still have services that can function well without the need for high-bandwidth data networks.

Centeron®, from Invensys Controls®, provides a remote tank monitoring system for multiple industries, including petroleum, agriculture and telecommunications. The Centeron solution uses radio and sensor technology with low data needs to remotely track fuel levels in a company’s tanks, including the fuel tanks that power generators at many Verizon cell sites across the country. Combined with data centers, advanced productivity software and monitoring reports, the system helps prevent outages by ensuring fuel levels remain at optimum levels. 

The low cost and easy installation of the Centeron Wireless Monitoring System allows small businesses like Country Propane, a propane supplier in Iowa that employs only one full-time driver, to improve their efficiency. With the system, the company is able to reduce by 50 percent the number of delivery trips needed and increase customer satisfaction by ensuring no one runs out of propane. As a result, the company saved thousands of dollars in the first year of the system’s implementation.

For some companies like Davis Oil, it is difficult to predict when to make deliveries because of the erratic nature of their customers’ oil consumption. By placing Centeron monitors on its tanks, Davis Oil is able to ensure customers never run out of fuel and save the expense of unnecessary deliveries and emergency runs. The software also automatically integrates tank level information with the company’s routing and scheduling system, leading to more on-time deliveries and happier customers.

Working with the Verizon Innovation Program enables Centeron to explore new M2M solutions that address key business needs by connecting more and more devices to the wireless network. These never-before-imagined connections show how M2M technology can help companies operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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