An Easier Way to Find the Perfect Apps

In a world of hundreds of thousands of mobile applications, simplifying the app search and discovery process is key to elevating the mobile experience.

With about one in two mobile subscribers using a smartphone, and the average smartphone user downloading 41 apps, there is no doubt that customers have a need for effective search tools. While every app store offers some sort of search or recommendation function, the questions of what apps do I need and how well do they work can still be far from clear.

Some app developers have attacked this challenge head on. Brand Mobility recently developed AppLuvr on Verizon that ties right into a user’s Facebook friends to get app recommendations and ratings from sources you trust. Through this application, you can see what apps your friends are sharing and get recommendations based on your personal interests.  

The need for assistance in quickly finding exactly what you’re looking for goes beyond apps. Searching for your favorite video, music, and news can be just as daunting. Applications like viewdini, Spotify, and Flipboard are all great discovery tools and worth checking out.

Taking this to the next level, Verizon’s device and application experts now rate the top free and paid Android apps on how they will affect users in terms of security, battery consumption, data usage, and overall user experience.

With just a few clicks, wireless users have the ability to find the mobile apps that are right for them.