Getting San Francisco Ready for Fleet Week and the America's Cup World Series

The beginning of October marks a busy time for San Francisco as it plays host this week to the next leg of the America’s Cup World Series and the 32nd annual Fleet Week.

Thousands of sailors and as many as one million spectators will flock to the Marina Green and all parts of the city to catch a glimpse of the regatta, the parade of ships and the Blue Angels air shows.

Navigating the city on a weekend like this can be difficult and parking can be nearly impossible. Apps such as Hop Stop and SF Park can help spectators find public transportation routes and parking garage availability throughout the city.

Stay up to date on America’s Cup event schedules, race results, news and videos with the America’s Cup App. Blue Angels fans can also track the team’s appearances and watch demos by using the Blue Angels App.

To prepare for the impact both the America’s Cup and Fleet Week will have on San Franciscans and visitors, Verizon Wireless will install a Cell on Light Truck (COLT) for the upcoming events which will enhance coverage and capacity, accommodating both voice and CDMA data services. 

Whether spectators are texting pictures, using GPS navigation to maneuver through the city, or placing calls to family and friends during the events, these tools will help keep you connected and informed.