Silhouette Optical — Business Vision Sees the Benefits of 4G LTE

When Green Island NY-based Silhouette Optical, a distributor of high-end rimless eyewear manufactured in Austria, was looking to equip its far-flung U.S. sales force with tablets for processing orders and servicing customer accounts remotely, they looked to a familiar provider.

“We’re a long-time Verizon Wireless customer,” said Tina Scott, IT manager for Silhouette. “We started with Verizon with 3G USB modems for our reps’ laptops. Every time there’s a new device or a network upgrade, we upgrade too.”

Silhouette’s 60 sales reps went from 3G modems to 4G LTE modems when Verizon’s 4G LTE network launched in December 2010. The reps are currently using tablets to conduct essential activities such as processing orders, servicing customer accounts, accessing backend systems, scheduling appointments and emailing from the field.

“Our reps rely on 4G LTE and are in the field all the time calling on small retailers and opticians,” Scott says. “They need that connectivity and reliability.”

Being able to run customer reports remotely on their tablet means more time for the reps to work with their customers, assess their needs and place orders during the appointment itself. The result has been greater productivity and efficiency from a mobile workforce.

Scott says the speed and capability of 4G LTE were key factors in Silhouette’s decision to upgrade to the new technology.

Having the foresight to explore all the options available and to choose the option that best meets a company’s needs is critical in business. Silhouette Optical saw that early on when they chose 4G LTE to help them achieve their vision for success.