Making a Small Business Mobile Ready

Today, small business owners know that smartphones and tablets are quickly changing consumer behavior. People are browsing a company’s website, engaging with them on Twitter, and claiming coupons from their mobile devices. To keep current customers, find new ones, and save time and money, it is up to small business owners to ensure their companies are mobile-ready and their mobile sites are functional and effective. After all, that’s where many customers are looking first.

Gone are the days when people logged onto a website only from their home computers. Mobile-friendly company websites produce a 75 percent higher rate of customer engagement per visit, and an estimated one of three mobile searches is local.

Beyond developing a mobile website, some small businesses may consider creating a customized app. Every year, small businesses save more than 725 million employee hours with mobile apps that offer customers the information they need right on their home screens.

A company’s employees can also take advantage of mobile technology to serve as brand representatives. Small business owners can encourage their staff to use social media tools and offer advice, which takes the in-store experience beyond the storefront.

While mobile sites, apps and social media are quickly becoming small business necessities, mobile payment technology is just starting to ramp up. It’s expected that by 2014, mobile payments will total approximately $1 trillion. Small businesses can break free of stagnant point-of-sale stations, connect with tech-savvy customers in more places and offer mobile coupons and rewards to attract customers.

Once a small business has taken the necessary steps to become mobile ready, it won’t be long before they see an improved work environment, better results and, most importantly, more happy customers.