4G LTE Expansion Means Improved Mobile Experience for Customers

Verizon Wireless announced Tuesday that its 4G LTE network will expand next week to provide service in 417 markets across the country, topping the company’s announced goal of bringing 4G LTE to 400 markets by the end of 2012.

“With 4G LTE technology so widespread and still growing, our customers can travel throughout the United States with a consistently outstanding 4G LTE experience enhanced by a growing number of LTE-enabled products and services,” said Nicola Palmer, chief technical officer of Verizon Wireless, who made the announcement at the opening day of MobileCON 2012 in San Diego.

With the expansion, more than 245 million people throughout the U.S. –  roughly 4 out of 5 people - will have access to the nation’s largest 4G LTE network. 

The increased speed and lower latency of 4G LTE means gamers can enjoy their favorite multiplayer games with less lag time, parents can smoothly stream live video so other family members and friends can see special moments as they happen, and small business owners can quickly and efficiently share presentations and collaborate with multiple people using video chat.

For more information on today’s 4G LTE announcement, see the news release here.