Maintaining Loyalty to Your NFL Team Across State Boundaries

According to the “Sports Guy,” Bill Simmons, one of the most important rules for being a true sports fan is to always root for your hometown team and never, ever abandon a team under any circumstance. 

In the past, fans who moved away from their hometown didn’t have the luxury of following their team in local newspapers or on local TV news.  So if you’re a New England Patriots fan living in Jets country, for example, you know this firsthand what this means.

But thankfully, in today’s connected world, statistics, game recaps and fan forums are widely available online. So, when your colleagues don’t want to hear about the genius of Bill Belichick or the Patriots' improved running game, your smartphone can provide an outlet to continue the conversation.

For example, fans can use SportsYapper to talk sports. The app features real-time updates and comments from users watching the same game and allows fans to “follow” others rooting on their team. PlayUp is an app that allows fans to follow live games and simultaneously chat with fellow fans.  

You can also check out new versions of team-specific apps for many NFL teams, including the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, New York Giants and Seattle Seahawks. Each app features an aggregated Twitter feed with real-time updates and one-click social-media sharing of photos, podcasts, as well as a fantasy football tracker, on-demand video and stadium concession maps.  And, when coupled with NFL Mobile, these apps can share what’s happening in the league, every minute of every day. 

Every team has a unique fan base deserving of their own hub to get the information they want about the teams they care about most. With your smartphone in hand, your own personal team page is only a click away.